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Named Lectures

  • Presidential Lecture

    Ho-Seong HAN Seoul National University,
    Korean Armed Forces Capital Hospital
  • Senior Professor Lecture

    Hyucksang LEE Inje UniversityKorea

Invited Lectures


  • Mariano E. GIMÉNEZ University of Buenos AiresArgentina
  • Paolo MUIESAN University of BirminghamUK

Biliary & Pancreas

  • Roberto SALVIA University of VeronaItaly
  • Dong Wook CHOI Sungkyunkwan UniversityKorea

Keynote Lecture


  • Han Chu LEE University of UlsanKorea

Biliary & Pancreas

  • Shailesh V. SHRIKIHANDE Tata Memorial CenterIndia

Liver Symposium

Liver Symposium 1

Basic research and brand new technology in HBP field

  • LIJIAN Hui Shanghai Institutes for Biological SciencesChina
  • Nam Kug KIM University of UlsanKorea
  • Jihyun AN Hanyang UniversityKorea
  • Suk-Hee PARK Pusan National UniversityKorea

Liver Symposium 2

Proper management of benign hepatic tumors

  • Joon-Il CHOI The Catholic University of KoreaKorea
  • Safi DOKMAK Beaujon HospitalFrance
  • Keiichi KUBOTA Dokkyo Medical UniversityJapan
  • Quirino LAI University Hospitals Saint LucItaly

Liver Symposium 3

Is this the time for expanding liver transplant indication for various malignancies?

  • Rene ADAM Hôpital Paul-Brousse Ap-HpFrance
  • Dong Jin JOO Yonsei UniversityKorea
  • Stefan SCHNEEBERGER Medical University of InnsbruckAustria
  • Shin HWANG University of UlsanKorea

Liver Symposium 4

Tips and Tricks for wide expansion of laparoscopic liver resection

  • Jai Young CHO Seoul National UniversityKorea
  • Yuta ABE Keio UniversityJapan
  • Ji Hoon KIM Eulji UniversityKorea
  • Yang Seok KOH Chonnam National UniversityKorea

Liver Debate

What’s the advantage and difference of Glissonean approach?

  • Shun‐ichi ARIIZUMI Tokyo Women's Medical UniversityJapan
  • Sugioka ATSUSHI Fujita Health UniversityJapan
  • Hee-Jung WANG Ajou UniversityKorea

Expert's Video – Liver

Complexed Hepatectomy for HCC: Strategies and technical tips for secure operation

  • Ki-Hun KIM University of UlsanKorea
  • Koo Jeong KANG Keimyung UniversityKorea
  • Dong Sik KIM Korea UniversityKorea
  • Kyung Suk SUH Seoul National UniversityKorea

Biliary & Pancreas Symposium

BP Symposium 1

Clinical issues of acute cholecystitis

  • Tae Ho HONG The Catholic University of KoreaKorea
  • Koji ASAI Toho UniversityJapan
  • Hyung Jun KWON Kyungpook National UniversityKorea
  • Jae Yool JANG Gyeongsang National UniversityKorea

BP Symposium 2

The potential of conversion surgery in advanced GB cancer

  • Changhoon YOO University of UlsanKorea
  • Itaru ENDO Yokohama City UniversityJapan
  • Seung Woo PARK Yonsei UniversityKorea
  • Sae Byeol CHOI Korea UniversityKorea
  • Chang Sup LIM Seoul National UniversityKorea

BP Symposium 3

Crosstalk between bench to bed

  • Wenhui LOU Zhongshan Hospital, Fudan UniversityChina
  • Dong Uk KIM Pusan National UniversityKorea
  • Kwang Pyo KIM Kyung Hee UniversityKorea
  • Wooram PARK The Catholic University of KoreaKorea

BP Symposium 4

PDAC : Multiple ways to improve survival in pancreatic cancer

  • Hongbeom KIM Seoul National UniversityKorea
  • Hong Jae CHON CHA UniversityKorea
  • Joon Seong PARK Yonsei UniversityKorea
  • Hiroki YAMAUE Wakayama Medical UniversityJapan

BP Debate

Treatment proposal of early AOV cancer (High grade or T1)

  • Tae Hoon LEE Soonchunhyang universityKorea
  • Ho Kyoung HWANG Yonsei UniversityKorea
  • Yoo-Seok YOON Seoul National UniversityKorea

Expert's Video – BP

Let us know the way - Master’s video session

  • Jinseok HEO Sungkyunkwan UniversityKorea
  • Satoshi_HIRANO Hokkaido UniversityJapan
  • Song Cheol KIM University of UlsanKorea
  • Sang Jae PARK National Cancer CenterKorea

KAHBPS Symposium

KAHBPS Fund Study

  • Ho Kyoung HWANG Yonsei UniversityKorea
  • Kwang Yeol PAIK The Catholic University of KoreaKorea
  • Jin-Young JANG Seoul National UniversityKorea
  • Sang Jae PARK National Cancer CenterKorea

Nurse Symposium 1 Kor

  • Hye Jin MOON Korea University Guro HospitalKorea
  • Miji GU Pusan National University Yangsan HospitalKorea
  • Bong-Wan KIM Ajou UniversityKorea
  • Seung Eun LEE Chung-Ang UniversityKorea

Nurse Symposium 2 Kor

  • Sooji PARK The Catholic University of Korea Seoul St. Mary's HospitalKorea
  • Eun-Mee KIM Samsung Medical CenterKorea
  • Nomi PARK Gangnam Severance HospitalKorea
  • Dong-Hwan JUNG University of UlsanKorea