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Named Lectures

  • Senior Professor Lecture

    Young Joo LEE University of UlsanKorea CV
  • Presidential Lecture

    Yang Won NAH University of UlsanKorea CV
  • Chairman Lecture

    Hee Chul YU Jeonbuk National UniversityKorea CV

Invited Lectures


  • Yaman TOKAT International Liver CenterTurkey
  • Pierre-Alain CLAVIEN University Hospital of ZurichSwitzerland CV

Biliary & Pancreas

  • Jesus Maria BANALES Donostia University HospitalSpain CV
  • Irene ESPOSITO University Hospital of DuesseldorfGermany CV

Keynote Lecture


  • Pierce CHOW National Cancer CentreSingapore CV

Biliary & Pancreas

  • Mohammad Abu HILAL Fondazione Poliambulanza HospitalItaly

Live Demonstration

Introduction of operating team and case presentation

  • Ki-Hun KIM University of UlsanKorea CV
  • Gi Hong CHOI Yonsei UniversityKorea CV


  • Wellington ANDRAUS University of Sao Paulo Brazil
  • Olivier SOUBRANE Hopital BeaujonFrance
  • Goro HONDA Tokyo Women's Medical UniversityJapan CV
  • Ruslan ALIKHANOV Clinical Research Center of MoscowRussia CV
  • Fernando ROTELLAR Universidad de NavarraSpain CV
  • Benjamin SAMSTEIN Weill Cornell Medical CollegeUSA CV
  • John MARTINIE Atrium HealthUSA CV
  • Karim HALAZUN Weill Cornell Medical CollegeUSA

Korea-Japan Collaborative Study Meeting

  • Shin HWANG University of UlsanKorea CV
  • Yasuhiro YABUSHITA Yokohama City UniversityJapan CV
  • Joon Seong PARK Yonsei UniversityKorea CV
  • Yuichi NAGAKAWA Tokyo Medical UniversityJapan
  • Wooil KWON Seoul National UniversityKorea
  • Kohei NAKATA Kyushu UniversityJapan
  • Yoo-Seok YOON Seoul National UniversityKorea CV

Liver Symposium

Liver Symposium 1

Acute liver failure management in surgical field

  • Arianeb MEHRABI University of HeidelbergGermany CV
  • Jun Yong PARK Yonsei UniversityKorea CV
  • Nam-Joon YI Seoul National UniversityKorea CV
  • Scott L. NYBERG Mayo ClinicUSA CV

Liver Symposium 2

New paradims in HCC treatment

  • Soo Young PARK Kyungpook National UniversityKorea CV
  • Gi-Won SONG University of UlsanKorea CV
  • Timothy M PAWLIK The Ohio State UniversityUSA
  • Tan To CHEUNG The University of Hong KongHong Kong CV

Liver Symposium 3

Surgical strategies for bilobar multiple colorectal liver metastasis

  • Jeong-Ik PARK Inje UniversityKorea CV
  • Guido TORZILLI Humanitas Research HospitalItaly CV
  • Je Ho RYU Pusan National UniversityKorea CV
  • Pal-Dag LINE University of OsloNorway CV

Liver Debate

The better treatment of technically resectable hepatocellular carcinoma with portal vein tumor thrombus: Upfront surgery Vs Non-surgical treatment.

  • Jong Man KIM Sungkyunkwan UniversityKorea CV
  • Shunichi ARIIZUMI Tokyo Women's Medical UniversityJapan CV
  • Bo Hyun KIM National Cancer CenterKorea CV
  • Jeong Won JANG The Catholic University of KoreaKorea CV
  • Jung Suk OH The Catholic University of KoreaKorea CV
  • Jinsil SEONG Yonsei UniversityKorea CV
  • Byoung Kuk JANG Keimyung UniversityKorea CV

Expert's Video - Liver

Expert's video in minimally invasive liver resecion

  • Yang Seok KOH Chonnam National UniversityKorea CV
  • Mohammad Abu HILAL Fondazione Poliambulanza HospitalItaly
  • Young Rok CHOI Seoul National UniversityKorea CV
  • Choon Hyuck David KWON Cleveland Clinic USA CV
  • Santiago LOPEZ-BEN Hospital Universitari de Girona Dr. Josep TruetaCatalonia CV

Biliary & Pancreas Symposium

BP Symposium 1

Multifocal IPMN

  • Seung-Mo HONG University of UlsanKorea CV
  • Sohei SATOI Kansai Medical UniversityJapan
  • Takao OHTSUKA Kagoshima University Japan CV
  • Hyung Sun KIM Yonsei University Korea
  • Jae Yool JANG Gyeongsang National UniversityKorea CV

BP Symposium 2

Current standards in management of mid CBD cancer (infrahilar- suprapancreatic)

  • Haeryoung KIM Seoul National UniversityKorea CV
  • Michiaki UNNO Tohoku UniversityJapan
  • Shin HWANG University of Ulsan Korea CV
  • Huisong LEE Ewha Womans University Korea CV
  • Sae Byeol CHOI Korea UniversityKorea CV

BP Symposium 3

Smart healthcare: Making medical care more intelligent

  • Young-hak KIM University of UlsanKorea CV
  • Hyung-Jin YOON Seoul National UniversityKorea CV
  • Yong Min SONG Gwangju Institute of Science and TechnologyKorea CV
  • In Woong HAN Sungkyunkwan UniversityKorea CV

BP Symposium 4

Don't overlook these problems after pancreatectomy

  • Marc BESSELINK Amsterdam UMCThe Netherlands CV
  • Masafumi NAKAMURA Kyushu University Japan CV
  • Hongbeom KIM Seoul National UniversityKorea CV
  • Shin Ae KANG Yonsei University Korea

BP Debate

Neoadjuvnat treatment is always justified for small PDAC (clinical T1)?

  • Hiroki YAMAUE Wakayama Medical UniversityJapan CV
  • Jin-Seok HEO Sungkyunkwan UniversityKorea CV
  • Ho Kyoung HWANG Yonsei UniversityKorea CV
  • Sang Hyun SHIN Sungkyunkwan University Korea CV

KAHBPS Symposium

KAHBPS Fund Study

  • Shin HWANG University of UlsanKorea CV
  • Sung-Sik HAN National Cancer CenterKorea CV
  • Sung Hoon CHOI CHA UniversityKorea CV

Nurse Symposium 1 Kor

  • Hyejin MOON Korea University Guro HospitalKorea CV
  • Mijee KOO Pusan National University Yangsan HospitalKorea CV
  • Bong-Wan KIM Ajou UniversityKorea CV
  • Seung Eun LEE Chung-Ang UniversityKorea CV

Nurse Symposium 2 Kor

  • Sooji PARK The Catholic University of Korea Seoul St. Mary's HospitalKorea CV
  • Eun-Mee KIM Samsung Medical CenterKorea CV
  • Nomi PARK Yonsei University Gangnam Severance HospitalKorea CV
  • Dong-Hwan JUNG University of UlsanKorea CV