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Dear Colleagues,

We are delighted to invite you to join the HBP Surgery Week 2021 & 54th Annual Congress of the Korean Association of HBP Surgery to be held from March 25-27, 2021.

As we all witnessed, the 2020 Congress was a big challenge for us due to COVID-19. Nevertheless, we persevered and were able to put forth a memorable experience and ensured the continued progress of our HBP Surgery thanks to your unwavering support, patience and understanding.

We believe that the global situation will be better in 2021, but also fear travel may continue to be restricted. Therefore, HBP Surgery Week 2021 will be also held in the hybrid format combining in-person and virtual programs. With the experience of 2020 behind us, we are confident that the 2021 Congress will be remarkably informative with top priority being given to health and safety.

Under the congress theme of "Bring your Imagination into Reality", we hope that HBP Surgery Week 2021 will be a rewarding experience for all participants. Our world-renowned speakers and chairs will be the conduit for all the latest innovations and trends taking place in HBP Surgery, and HBP 2021 will be the ideal host.

Be sure to encourage your colleagues to join us and please stay safe and healthy until we meet at HBP Surgery Week 2021 onsite and virtually.
  • Yang Won NAH President of the Korean
    Association of HBP Surgery
  • Hee Chul YU Chairman of the Korean
    Association of HBP Surgery